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MarTech in Agriculture and a Farmer-First Approach

From leading in the construction to agriculture industry, Aryn Drawdy has found that empowering your people comes from really understanding the way they operate. It’s the way she leads her team as Corporate Communications Director at AGCO, a leader in the agriculture machinery and technology industry.

Aryn began her career in the construction industry, and at the time, was one of the only women in her role. While she acknowledges there were hardships she faced because of her gender, she reflects fondly on her time as a woman in a male-dominated field. The fun, child-like energy she experienced from the customers she served made her feel empowered in her role, and it’s part of what fueled her passion for manufacturing. She found that same energy when she moved over to the agriculture world mid-way through her career. As a leader in the ag industry today, she strongly believes that when you strive to understand the unique ways people think and communicate – you can empower them to really succeed.

In this episode, Aryn sits down with Misty to dive into what it’s like to work on the corporate side of the agriculture industry. She details the industry’s focus on autonomy and what AGCO is doing to incorporate AI technology into their machines, and describes the digital evolution happening in a more traditional industry and how she is working to create better online customer experiences. Aryn shares how such a complex, highly-matrixed organization prioritizes the needs of all its partners – so that her organization continues to meet the needs of every brand and every farmer they serve.

We’re thrilled to bring you into another insightful conversation between women working with heavy industry brands. We hope you enjoy this episode!

“I think it’s really important to empower your people. I think it’s really important to understand people’s learning styles. And I think when you understand how your employees or your peers learn and communicate, that’s when the good stuff happens.”


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About Aryn Drawdy

Aryn L. Drawdy is the Corporate Communications Director for AGCO Corporation. She supports media relations for the C-suite. She also oversees all corporate websites, corporate social and global recruitment marketing. She previously held the role of Senior Manager of Marketing Excellence for AGCO North America.

Aryn came to AGCO from the construction industry, where she held various sales and marketing positions with William Scotsman and Doosan Bobcat. She has more than 17 years of experience with construction and agricultural OEMs. She holds a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Maine. For more, follow her on LinkedIn.


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