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Servant Leadership and Innovation in Solar Energy 

Keally DeWitt’s personal passion for DEI, sustainability and the environment led her authentically to a career path in renewable energy. As VP of Marketing and Public Policy at GAF Energy, she works just as hard to create a supportive environment for diverse voices as she does to drive innovation and accessibility in residential solar energy.

Keally has been an environmentalist and feminist for as far back as she can remember. As a child, she spent a lot of time close to nature, which gave her an appreciation for the earth and fueled her passion for environmental sciences.

In this episode, Keally takes us along her journey of becoming a female leader in the solar energy industry. She started her career as an environmental educator for a local non-profit, then moved into public policy before making her way to the renewable energy sector. Once there, she sprung into her first marketing role – leading marketing for the largest residential solar installer in the Northeast. She found success through trial and triumph, leading brand and product launches while making connections with people of influence along the way. She quickly found herself among the growing number of women in what was once a maledominated field.

Keally describes how she layers her passion for DEI into the way she leads, because ultimately organizations are better when diverse perspectives are lifted up. She cultivates a DEI-centered work culture by prioritizing mindfulness and mentoring others.

This episode is full of advice for anyone who strives to become a more authentic, mindful leader. You won’t want to miss another really inspiring conversation. Give it a listen now!


“We just miss so much when we don’t do a good job of structuring our organizations so that people who are coming from various different places in their lives can participate. From a hard-nosed economic standpoint, there [are] lots of ideas, productivity, ability to contribute to American innovation and to the strength of teams and to who we are within the business community.”


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About Keally DeWitt

Keally comes to solar with the conviction that carbon-neutral is the new black. She started in renewables as the Head of Marketing for the largest solar company in the Northeast before moving into marketing and public policy leadership roles at Sunrun and SunPower. As the National Organizing Director of The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC), Fortune magazine described the netroots work she pioneered as “radically changing” political advocacy through digital technology. Prior to joining GAF Energy (a Standard Industries company), she served as Head of Marketing at Mosaic. As Vice President of Marketing and Public Policy at GAF Energy, Keally helped launch the Timberline Solar roof at CES last year, which incorporates the world’s first nailable solar shingle. She has a BA from Brown University. For more, connect with her on LinkedIn.


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