A Podcast About the Heart, Soul and, Yes, Sweat That Goes Into Marketing

Finally, a podcast about what it really takes to be a marketer. It’s the difficult conversations with clients and teams, it’s staying ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry and it’s even learning as you build. It takes a lot of vision and even more hard work. These are the stories that I set out to uncover in this podcast.

We have no shortage of inspiring interviews and each episode is a new journey where I sit down with a different guest. This podcast covers all things from marketing to leadership to customer experience – and everything in between. Season 5 is now here, so, get your headphones ready and see why this award-winning podcast has five seasons and over 40 guests.

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business development

Bringing Rigor to Business Development with Brent Hodgins

Marketing industry expert and Managing Director of Mirren Business Development, Brent Hodgins explores the lack of consistency in business development and organic growth efforts. Brent has a pulse on all things agency-world and explores a variety of industry-related topics on this episode.

Using Brain Science for Business with Diana Lucaci

A pioneer in the field of neuromarketing, Diana Lucaci explains how brain and biometric data is collected and used by brands to help improve their products, marketing and the overall consumer experience.

More is less? No way…
More is more!

Don’t stop with just one season. Check out all our episodes to get the perfect mix of “Yep, that happened to me.” “Hmmm, that makes a lot of sense.” and “Excellent idea, I’m using that!”

Season 3

The season where we look at building a bridge with new perspectives and refreshed strategies.

Season 4

The season where we uncover stories about the small pushes leaders make every day that have a big impact.

Season 5

The season where we look at the relationships, connections and collaboration driving systemic change.