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The Power of Conversation Design - Daniel Stillman

The Power of Conversation Design with Daniel Stillman

From large meetings to one-on-one discussions, every conversation should have a plan. Conversation designer, Daniel Stillman, works with companies of all shapes and sizes to shape productive conversations and improve organization collaboration.

Cutting Edge Strategies for Better CX - Emily Videtto

Cutting Edge Strategies for Better CX with Emily Videtto

A CMO with a big vision to align product, brand and customer experience talks about the importance of a clear strategy. Emily Videtto, CMO of Pella Windows and Doors, makes big waves in a historical legacy brand, helping transform it into an innovative customer centric company.

Brand in Demand - Tim Williams

Become a Brand in Demand with Tim Williams

Agency guy turned business consultant shares the secret on creating demand for your brand. World renowned speaker and author, Tim Williams, sheds light on why businesses need to find their niche (and then say no).

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Season 2

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