A Podcast About the Heart, Soul and, Yes, Sweat That Goes Into Marketing

Finally, a podcast about what it really takes to be a marketer – hosted by a marketer, Misty Dykema, Principal and Co-owner of Simantel. Difficult conversations with clients and teams, battling to stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced industry and even learning as you build are all par for the course. It takes a lot of vision and even more hard work. And that’s what this podcast is all about.

There’s no shortage of inspiring interviews and each episode is a new journey with a different guest. We cover all things from marketing to leadership to customer experience – and everything in between.

Season 7 is now live, we’re celebrating the strong, talented and fierce women out there killing it—leading heavy industry brands. Our guests this season are women from industries like manufacturing, construction, engineering, agriculture and solar energy.

So get your headphones ready and dive in to see what this award-winning podcast is all about and be on the lookout for more episodes coming soon.

Check Out Our Latest Episodes

Leadership on the Railroad with Valerie Duque

Valerie Duque joined BNSF Railway as an engineer right out of college. Today, she brings a diverse skillset to her role as Director of Marketing – Consumer Products at BNSF, where she strives to lead with self-awareness and positivity.

A Passion for Engineering and Architecture with Karen Jensen

Karen Jensen, President & CEO of Farnsworth Group has spent nearly 40 years honing her engineering and business skills. She’s learned from experience that focusing on employees leads to better client satisfaction – and that’s a win-win for everyone.

Challenging Gender Biases with Rakshan Syed

Rakshan Syed, Director of Digital Integration Services at a fortune 100 manufacturer of heavy equipment and author of the book Embolden Women: Unapologetically Me, fearlessly challenges gender biases and leads with optimism and positivity, always.

More is less? No way…
More is more!

Don’t stop with just one season. Check out all our episodes to get the perfect mix of “Yep, that happened to me.” “Hmmm, that makes a lot of sense.” and “Excellent idea, I’m using that!”

Stay tuned for even more Season 7 episodes coming soon.

Season 5

The season where we look at the relationships, connections and collaboration driving systemic change.

Season 6

The season where Simantelites share their Point of Pride – stories about work they’ve been a part of that makes them proud.

Season 7

The season where we talk to female leaders at heavy industry brands about their experiences as a woman in a male-dominated field.