The Influence of Women Leaders at Heavy Industry Brands

This season is such a special one to me, let me tell you why. At Simantel we’ve been creating engaging, positive customer experiences for hardworking, industrial brands for 40+ years. As co-owner and principal of the agency, and a woman who has worked with clients in construction, agriculture, trucking/logistics, energy, marine, oil and gas, and of course parts for just under 20 years, it got me thinking — what if I devote an entire season to celebrating the women that make heavy industry brands go?

So that’s what this season is all about. I spent March, Women’s History Month no less, talking to some of the talented, fierce women out there killing it and inspiring future generations. It’s not that there aren’t inspiring male leaders out there too — because we’ve met many and worked with some of the greatest — but I think there is something so unique about a women’s point of view working (and leading!) in a male-dominated industry.

And we cover a lot of ground this season. You’ll find that the conversations range from issues impacting their industries to leadership philosophies to how succession planning is evolving to bring more diversity to leadership. And even something that many struggle with — balancing the desire for achievement with fulfillment.

One thing I learned is that while these jobs aren’t necessarily dirty, many of my guests started their career out in the field. In the dirt. They got to know the customers, the business, and experienced the connection and brand love first-hand. It got in their blood — and made them want to stay in the industry.

I hope you find this season as enlightening as I did. And if you’d like to hear even more content like this, just click the Women in Leadership tag on an episode to check out interviews from our previous seasons.

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