It’s All About the Heart, Soul and, Yes, Sweat

Marketing Sweats, a podcast focused on hardworking professionals in marketing, technology and customer experience, was born of curiosity. As one of three partners of the marketing firm Simantel, I’ve worked for more than 15 years helping organizations solve business and marketing problems. And behind those businesses are some wicked smart, really funny and awesomely interesting people. I was always intrigued and inspired by our conversations and their insights, so that got me thinking — how do I share our collective knowledge and experiences and do my part to continue advancing this crazy industry we call marketing? So, there you have it, a podcast where we can all learn from each other and experience the unburdening of knowing you’re not alone.

Tune in and hear about the heart, soul and, yes, sweat these pros pour into getting the job done right. From adrenaline-producing deadlines to keep-you-up-at-night launches, get a first-hand account of what it’s like to be a high-level marketing executive making big-time decisions on behalf of their brands. 

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From all of us at Simantel: Good luck working hard for your hardworking brands.

About The Host

Misty Dykema Color Headshot Misty is a co-owner and Principal of Simantel with more than 15 years of agency experience. She is a certified workshop facilitator and strategy lead, guiding executive teams through alignment. Her experience in both B2B and B2C industries, including manufacturing, energy, logistics, agriculture, higher education and finance gives her a unique perspective in the marketing world. She is also an executive coach of Bradley University’s Theresa Falcon Executive MBA program and currently serves on the Americas Board of the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN).

About Simantel

Simantel Avatar For over 35 years, Simantel has lived at the intersection of B2B and B2C, creating amazing customer experiences for industrial brands. Whether it’s construction, agriculture or manufacturing, Simantel helps clients own their markets and connect with their customers. Learn more at