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Welcome marketing fans! Misty here. You’re probably reading this right now because you’re also a fan of podcasts. So let me tell you a little more about Marketing Sweats.

At the core, Marketing Sweats is a podcast that focuses on the hard work that goes into the fast-paced, high-stress jobs in marketing, technology and customer experience. When I set out to start this podcast, I wanted to bring listeners the real stories behind the madness. Not just the successful brands and programs we see from the outside, but a look behind the scenes at what it takes to get the job done.

And as a partner of the marketing firm Simantel, I’ve worked for almost two decades helping organizations solve business and marketing problems. Behind those businesses are some really smart, funny and awesomely interesting people. I was always intrigued and inspired by our conversations and their insights. Some might say I ask too many questions, but I’m naturally inquisitive and truly believe that understanding different perspectives is what makes us all better. And that’s why I decided to interview a different guest on each episode. 

Now I know why it’s called Marketing Sweats, this was like a therapy session. Thanks for breaking down where B2B is headed.
 – Scott Vaughan, Season 2 Guest

So, there you have it, a podcast where I share our collective knowledge and experiences to continue advancing this crazy industry we call marketing. I hope you enjoy this podcast and take away something from it. The team has put in our own sweat and tears and we are pretty darn proud of it. And the Hermes Creative Awards agrees; the organization recognized our hard work with a Gold award in the podcast category. If you like what you hear too, remember to subscribe on your favorite podcasting site and leave us a review.


About Me

Misty Dykema - Marketing Sweats HostMy name is Misty and I am the co-owner and principal at Simantel, a marketing firm that recently celebrated its 40(ish) anniversary. I’ve been with the agency since 2004 and joined the ownership team in 2015. While we are a full service CX agency, I grew up at Simantel through the strategy ranks and have a passion for research, facilitation and creating alignment. (The perfect storm for wanting to start a podcast). In 2021, I was recognized by Peoria Magazines as one of the region’s 40 Leaders Under 40. I’m also a Forbes Business Council and Fast Company Executive Board member, serve on the Americas Board of the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN) and support Bradley University’s Executive MBA program as an Alumni Alliance board member and leadership immersion instructor and coach.

About Simantel

Marketing Sweats By Simantel

Simantel is a full-service marketing firm living at the intersection of B2B and B2C, creating amazing customer experiences for industrial brands. For 40 years, the agency has been building industrial brands in construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and more. All the work Simantel does supports a comprehensive approach to Customer Experience. Being full-service means the agency staffs expert researchers, strategists, analysts, designers, writers, developers, videographers and more. Learn more at