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Building the OSF OnCall Brand

Jennifer Junis, Senior Vice President of OSF OnCall, OSF Healthcare’s digital health entity, is committed to advancing healthcare. She’s a driver of change, the kind of leader that can really get things done. In her quest to do more for her patients and the community, she’s leveraging her experience in hospital operations and her leadership ability to move the digital healthcare transformation forward from strategy to implementation.

OSF OnCall combines state-of-the-art technology to connect and revolutionize healthcare as a hospital without walls. The OSF OnCall Digital Health building, located in downtown Peoria is the only one of its kind in Illinois. It is the epicenter of care, providing a wide array of services available anytime, anywhere by using digital platforms and software to facilitate virtual care. But it’s more than direct patient care; it’s also about supporting providers, rural hospitals, employers and other B2B audiences.

Join us as we talk to Jennifer about what went into building the OSF OnCall brand, the wide array of digital health services available, and how healthcare is changing overall. The future of medicine is now and OSF Healthcare is providing innovative solutions to expand services through technology. The end result? More access to care which leads to better patient outcomes.


“There will always be a need for in-person care, but how do we augment it? How do we create more access? We certainly can do that through digital and virtual means.”


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About Jennifer Junis

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Jennifer is the senior vice president of OSF OnCall, which launched just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally born as “OSF Urgo,” the pandemic quickly advanced the need for telehealth not only to retail patients, but also B2B entities such as physicians, rural hospitals, employers and more. This interview highlights the many digital ways for patients to engage with healthcare solutions through OSF. 

A registered nurse for over 25 years, Jennifer’s passion for her patients and community has led her to numerous leadership and executive level roles within her industry. Over the past decade she has served as Chief Nursing Officer and President of three hospitals in the OSF system. In her current VP role, she works to create unmatched healthcare experiences via the hospital of the future, delivering high-quality, on-demand, and efficient healthcare services to patients wherever they are at. To learn more about Jennifer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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