Getting Back to Real Life: A New Vision

After two full years of the pandemic, the one element that I see holding true is that people don’t just want to get back to work, they have a new foresight on life – one where life comes before work. As we return to working in-person, I think what people seek most is connection with other people. And, there are tangible ways in which my guests this season are putting people first.

This season represents the relationships, connections and collaboration that are driving systemic change in our communities. I talk to the mayor of my city and the president of the local community college about the ways leaders, businesses, organizations and citizens are working together to create opportunity like never before. I also sit down with speakers, authors and coaches who share some practical tips for self-improvement and becoming a better leader. And we’ll even tap into the expertise of consultants to uncover unique positioning strategies, sales growth philosophies and business development approaches. Bottom line – there’s a bright future ahead.

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