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Flipping the Script: Putting the Seller in the Driver’s Seat

An agency girl at heart, Shannyn Lee knows what companies want from their creative agency and what agencies must do to compete and win. As Managing Director at Win Without Pitching, Shannyn leads the unique business development training program that empowers creative professionals to have the confidence to let go of the typical pitch process.

The Win Without Pitching method teaches teams how to position their business as meaningfully different, with a sales process and philosophy that relieves the pressure of selling. The key is flipping the script – shifting the client’s perception of the agency from vendor to expert practitioner – to help them overcome their marketing challenges. Shannyn explains how agencies need to show up in the buyer’s journey and shares practical, tangible tools to make that happen.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, the concepts Win Without Pitching teaches can also be used by clients to improve not only how they work with their agencies, but also how they sell through their own organization.

We hope you enjoy this episode and take away some ideas that change behaviors and create lasting results. To learn more, spend some time on the Win Without Pitching website, read their thought leadership, listen to the 2Bobs podcast, or check out the rich soundbite videos packed with helpful advice on their YouTube channel.

“We think closing should be all about facilitating to a choice, not like the dog and pony, big reveal, high pressure situation that it can be.

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About Shannyn Lee

pitch processShannyn is the Managing Director of Win Without Pitching, a training program that helps creative firms win business by first unlearning all the bad “best practices” of agency business development. As a member of the leadership team, Shannyn is responsible for coaching and training, sales and marketing, and client success. She’s in the trenches with agencies large and small around the world, helping them build their sales and marketing infrastructure, deepen their sales expertise, and regain the high ground in their client relationships.

Prior to finding her calling as an empathetic and encouraging business coach, Shannyn spent a decade in senior marketing and communication roles in Fortune 500 companies. She then moved into a business development leadership role at a well-regarded Seattle design firm before moving to Catapult New Business, where she spearheaded business development programs for agencies of various disciplines and sizes. Her time on the front lines of both the agency- and client-sides gives her a unique perspective into what companies want and what agencies must do to compete and win.

Connect with Shannyn on LinkedIn and learn more about the Win Without Pitching methodology by visiting their website or YouTube channel.

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