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Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Kathryn Spitznagle went from being a self-proclaimed lousy leader with a quick temper and sharp tongue to a passionate mentor and professional coach. Why? Because her leader recognized her potential and worked with her to fix the things that would hold her back. She learned first-hand the impact of seeing the potential in people, helping them see it, then helping them achieve it. The experience inspired Kathryn to be that kind of leader herself. She made it her mission to foster the personal and professional development of leaders, particularly women millennials. To her, it isn’t about running a business, it’s about changing lives.

Through her organization, Mentoring Women Millennials, Kathryn conducts workshops, delivers keynote speeches and provides one-on-one coaching that taps into her 30+ years of business experience in male-dominated industries. Her book, “Rock Star Millennials–Developing the Next Generation of Leaders” delves into what millennials want from a boss and a company, as well as what skills they want to learn. The book is packed with practical tools that are also available in an easy-to-use workbook format.

This interview will give you a sneak peek into the amazing personal and professional stories Kathryn shares and offers a few tactical exercises and tools to help you along your development journey. Even if you’re not a woman or a millennial, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from her insights.

“This isn’t about running a business. This is about changing lives.”


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About Kathryn Spitznagle

personal and professional development

Kathryn is a business owner, professional coach, women’s mentor, podcast host and author of the recently published book “Rock Star Millennials–Developing the Next Generation of Leaders.” Her book and podcast offer a fast-course in practical leadership development – both for millennials and for those who lead them. By showcasing real-life examples of “Rockstar Millennials” and companies who have nurtured them, she presents the best ways to lead and mentor this generation. All with the goal to foster passionate, engaged employees and emerging leaders.

Kathryn brings 30+ years of mentoring, coaching and leadership development experience in corporate, small business and not-for-profit environments as founder of Mentoring Women Millennials. She also dedicates her time to mentoring breast cancer survivors and their families throughout their journey, as a 15-year survivor herself.

To learn more about Kathryn, visit her website or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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