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A Big Announcement

Agency owner and principal of Simantel makes a big announcement on the podcast today about her life and the future of the company. Maggie Whalen Misselhorn has been with the full-service marketing firm for over 20 years. Starting in business development, she quickly showed her creative talent and quick-thinking and moved over to the agency’s creative team, becoming the executive creative director and part of the 3%. A statistic representing the percentage of creative director roles at agencies across the country that were served by a woman. That stat is now on an upward trajectory, thanks to leaders like Maggie who have paved the way.

For those who know Maggie, you know she is full of life and energy and adds a level of interesting to everything she does. In this episode, she’ll talk about her upbringing and how she’s always been a creative thinker; from writing ads for her realtor dad when she was young to adding a costume and jingle to her 7th grade science fair project. After sitting down with Maggie for just an hour, it will be easy to see why people just want to be around her and how this has led to her success over time.  

To find out more about Maggie’s career, her success and what’s next for her tune in or check out the press release about the news she is ready to share with the world.

“When I look at [Simantel] and where it’s going, it’s outrageously exciting. There’s just so much opportunity for people.


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About Maggie Whalen Misselhorn

Life of an Agency Owner and What’s Next with Maggie Whalen MisselhornMaggie is the owner and principal at the full-service marketing firm Simantel. She joined the agency in 2000 in business development, but then quickly made the jump to executive creative director by 2004. Maggie proved herself to be an inspirational leader and joined the ownership team at Simantel in 2009. She is the agency’s go-to expert for a quick turn of phrase or thinking outside the box. And as an advocate for the arts, she is a board member for Big Picture Peoria – an initiative dedicated to bringing more public art and education to Peoria, IL to make the city an arts destination and is an advisory board member for the Central Illinois Cultural Assets Mapping Initiative. Maggie also carries a passion for her community and has served on the boards for The Peoria Riverfront Association and OSF St. Francis Community Advisory and has contributed her creative and marketing talents to countless community projects. It’s easy to see why WEEK named Maggie one of 25 Women in Leadership in 2014. To get to know Maggie better, check out her bio or follow her on LinkedIn.

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  1. Such a fun podcast! Maggie we will all miss you, but I know you will have so much fun in retirement. Enjoy!

    Misty – keep these engaging and enjoyable podcasts coming!

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