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Tips and Tools to Gain Alignment for Better CX

We’re excited to bring you this final, Season 4 “Bonus Episode,” with one of Simantel’s own, and Misty’s good friend, Erin Bowald. Erin is our Executive Strategy Director at Simantel, meaning she has first-hand insight into what our clients are struggling with. Beyond that, she also happens to be incredibly insightful and wonderful at connecting with the human side of the people she works with. She can hone-in on client challenges like no other and translate client needs back to our internal teams.

Because of this, we thought she was the perfect person to invite on the show to talk about our new Simantel eBook, “The Big ‘Lil Book of CX; An Infrastructure Brand’s Guide to Gain Alignment and Achieve Better CX.” We hope you’ll take a minute to download the eBook here or with the form at the bottom of the page, and browse what we consider to be some of the biggest challenges infrastructure brands are experiencing right now. Simantel believes that alignment – internal stakeholder alignment, dealer or distributor engagement and end-user customer clarity – is the way to achieve great CX.

“I feel like some of our most successful things we have done have been about our customers as humans, right? Everybody takes off their construction hat, their boots, whatever, and goes home to people.

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About Erin Bowald

Creating Better Customer Experience for B2B Brands with Erin Bowald

Erin came to Simantel from the Nashville music industry, having worked in publishing/licensing and PR. She’s also been a wedding singer in her past (check out her singing in the podcast). She has worked in various roles in client services in her time at Simantel and is currently our Executive Strategy Director. In this role, she brings together her incredible ability to connect with people and learn what drives them, with her client services experience in problem solving and delivering the right strategy, design and solution at the right time. Among the many client relationships that she manages, Erin has experience that spans both B2B and B2C industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, higher education and more. She’s a proven leader at Simantel and is an excellent coach and mentor to those just starting out.

Erin is active in her church, Imago Dei, and volunteers Sunday mornings for “breakfast club,” which provides warm meals to homeless or struggling members of the local community. Learn more about her on Simantel’s site or on her LinkedIn.

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