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Defining Your Value to the World

Today’s episode is fun one. Marketing Sweats’ host, Misty Dykema, invites her two personal brand coaches, Bryan Wish and Rich Keller, on the podcast. When on the journey of personal branding, looking within on a career perspective only goes far. You have to look deeper into your personal story – and these two guys bring invaluable insight and experience to guide that journey.

Bryan Wish is the CEO of a personal branding company called BW Missions. He’s a self-proclaimed pathfinder who helps his clients authentically push their story forward and forge their path. Rich Keller left a 25+ year career working for consumer brands to be a motivational speaker and help young adults and entrepreneurs identify their “one word” and define their value to the world. He is a self-proclaimed catalyst, a proven disruptive thinker and has a unique skillset, blending emotional brand building with financial acumen.

And really, what you’ll hear from Bryan and Rich about personal branding is no different than what we do as marketers, helping brands every day – but this time it’s on a personal level. What we’re talking about isn’t only for business owners and leaders, but for all marketers – no matter what industry you’re in. For those of you interested in finding out who you are, how to love yourself for who you are and how to monetize your value to the world, we’re certain you’ll find something valuable in this discussion.

“People buy human connection, and the difference between a business and a brand is you. Branding is emotional and you have to bring yourself to the game.


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About Bryan Wish and Rich Keller

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Bryan Wish is the CEO of BW Missions, helping thought leaders, young professionals and visionaries of every level forge their path in the world. His clients have been represented in Inc., Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Tech Crunch and more. Not only does Bryan consult on personal branding, but he then brings the vision to life through his clients’ visual identity, website development, content and even PR and book publishing. You can learn more by checking out The One Away Podcast or connecting with Bryan on LinkedIn.

Rich Keller spent 25 years as a brand marketing executive at Nabisco, Kraft Foods, Cadbury and Godiva. Throughout his career he crafted identities using just “One Word” for some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Planters, Chips Ahoy!, Dentyne and Godiva to name a few. He now travels the country as a motivational speaker challenging people to craft their personal brands using just “One Word.” For more information, you can listen in to Rich’s podcast The Catalyst Effect, browse his website at or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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