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Being a Force for Good and Letting the Magic Happen

Talk show host and radio personality Greg Batton has been gracing the airwaves and bringing joy to listeners for 34 years. The last 18 of those have been spent mornings on WMBD Radio as co-host of The Greg and Dan Show alongside Dan Diorio.

Born and raised in Pekin, Illinois, Greater Peoria is Greg’s home turf. He went to college thinking he’d be an attorney someday, but plans changed. His journey through life and his career have been marked by a series of diverse experiences. But they all center around one central theme—connections. And connections create opportunities. Greg’s a firm believer in seizing those opportunities, even when they lead to unexpected turns. That philosophy has served him well, both personally and professionally. And he loves watching it happen for others.

Driven by a passion for connecting with and entertaining people, Greg believes in being a force for good, in every aspect of his life. He and Dan choose to avoid negativity and instead focus on delivering a positive message on their morning show. He even has a personal motto, “Do good. Be nice. Go home. Repeat.”

Despite his humble claim of not being a leader, Greg has made a significant positive impact on this community. He genuinely believes we have something special here, and it all circles back to, you guessed it—connections.

Give this episode a listen to hear Greg’s thoughts on the role that connectivity plays in the Choose Greater Peoria movement along with a number of personal anecdotes for a glimpse into the life, career and perspectives of this gifted storyteller.

“Do some things that scare you. Do something you’ve never done before. And also, ask as many questions, talk to as many people as possible, because what’s going to happen is this magic part of our lives…all of a sudden there’s a connection made and there’s an opportunity.”


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About Greg Batton

Greg Batton is the co-host of The Greg and Dan Show, mornings on 1470 and 100.3 WMBD Radio. A 34-year veteran of the radio industry, he has worked for many stations in Peoria and Chicago, co-hosting with Dan Diorio on WMBD since 2005. His wit, positive attitude and jovial personality have made him successful with audiences of all ages and demographics.

Greg is a storyteller and dreamer who loves making connections and entertaining people. Greg believes that no matter how challenging our lives can be, there’s always someone who has it tougher, and ultimately, there’s no telling what direction our own paths will go down.  A firm believer that giving back to the community is life’s best reward, Greg has devoted countless hours over the years helping raise funds for colleges, social services, public broadcasting stations and many other nonprofit agencies.

Greg is a proud Peorian, father of four and husband to personal trainer, speaker and media personality, Yvonne Greer. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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