Building Business Through Community

The power to make a difference is in our hands. And when we join forces, it’s even better. In an era where it’s more important than ever to build our communities up, we have to step up as business leaders and make a change. It might start as a marketing campaign, but it takes so much more than that.  

It takes multiple leaders. Take the Choose Greater Peoria initiative. Leaders from over 25 businesses, civic organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions and even elected officials are putting their differences aside and working together to execute a unified strategy.

It takes a shared goal. For Greater Peoria it’s all about drawing talent to the region and building an economic engine that will survive long into the future. The Greater Peoria area has so much to offer. Like Goldilocks, the region is large enough to have all the good things you expect from an urban center, yet small enough to live, work and play greater. But it’s about more than just the physical location. A community has been created around the common interest of seeing the whole Greater Peoria region flourish.

It takes accountability. Leaders are leaning in and assuming responsibility for the future of the region. Like entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker, Jim Rohn famously said, “Whatever good things we build end up building us.” When our businesses are successful, our communities are successful – the ball is in our court. What we do together builds steam and momentum, creating a true multiplier effect.

In this season you’ll hear from a variety of leaders in the healthcare sector, Bradley University, Peoria Riverfront Museum, the economic development council and more, talking about their organizations and how they’re championing a hands-on approach to help our region (and people) thrive for the long haul. One theme that quickly emerged is that Peoria has some pretty amazing leaders who genuinely care about this region. Through their partnership and collaboration, positive change is within our reach.

Thanks for joining us! Listen in right here, or visit your favorite podcast platform to download our episodes directly.

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