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It’s All About the Customer

With over 30 years of experience in commercial business, including sales, marketing and operations, Tony Fuller knows a thing or two about driving growth and creating a positive customer experience. His mantra, “Focus on delighting the customer and they will keep coming back.” is valuable advice regardless of the business you’re in.

In this episode, Tony shares his insights from the world of industrial B2B marketing, sales and customer experience. Now before you say, “that’s not for me”… know that this interview covers a range of marketing challenges and successes that can span any industry – like mergers and acquisitions, building new brands, aligning sales and marketing, and even targeting an evolving audience. And you’ll find that Tony is very relational, engaging and humble.

Tony currently leads strategic business development at Federal Signal, an American manufacturer of a wide range of environmental and infrastructure equipment. They are a diverse company that owns multiple brands that services multiple industries – and they do so both directly and through a distribution network. So, you can only image the complex sales challenges that Tony encounters on a daily basis. His focus on putting the customer first has really helped his team move beyond just “selling the product,” to delighting the customer. Something all marketers can learn from.

“The role of sales is to find the pain, heal the pain and maintain the relationship.


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About Tony Fuller

Tony Fuller is a seasoned sales leader with over 30 years of equipment sales, marketing and business development experience. He currently leads Strategic Business Development for the Environmental Solutions Group of Federal Signal.

In his tenure with Federal Signal, he has had success in direct sales, international business and sales leadership. As a sales and marketing leader, he developed and launched two new brands, FS Solutions and Truvac. FS Solutions was created to leverage an array of aftermarket offerings within a single customer focused organization concentrating on the commercial aftermarket business for several brands in the Environmental Solutions Group. The Truvac brand serves the growing safe digging industry with a full line of vacuum excavation equipment. Both brands are now pillars within the Federal Signal portfolio and have contributed significantly to the Corporation’s growth.

Tony also served in the U.S. Air Force and was a recipient of the John Levitow Leadership Award, Commendation and Achievement medals. He is originally from Birmingham, AL and graduated from Walden University, Minneapolis, Summa Cum Laude. Check him out on LinkedIn and connect with him.

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