A New Season, A New Perspective

Everyone just keeps telling 2020 to go away. Admittedly, it’s been rough. It’s been a battle. For different people in different ways. And it seems like the challenges just keep coming, no matter what industry you’re in. Not only for us as leaders, but for our clients, employees, communities, and more. However, I’ve never really been one to shy away from challenge and I think most of our listeners are the same.

That’s why this season, I wanted to find an interesting mix of people for you to meet. People who have compelling stories from their past and people doing some really interesting things in their future. Nothing has been normal for almost six months’ time. I think this year, we all felt a gap, a point of disconnection, whether it be from people, our jobs, our physical locations, or our events. We’re all yearning to step foot on the other side of this bridge (image for the season). But when we do, we need new ideas and a new point of view. My hope is that this season and its guests bring new perspectives that brand marketers, consultants, trainers, facilitators, coaches and more, can use to lead through reinvention. Join us.

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Season Three Introduction

This season we’re looking at how to bridge the gap that 2020 has caused. The disconnect from people, possibly from goals, and so much more. We’re all yearning to move forward, and this season’s guests talk through their own reinventions, revisions and revamps to help us move on with purpose and a plan. Get your sweat on and listen here or wherever you subscribe to podcasts.

Creating a Life of Meaning with Jenné Fromm

We sit down with consultant, coach, speaker and founder of Awesôme Climbs to talk about creating a life of meaning. From her background in neuroscience and storytelling to leading groups up Mount Killmanjaro to her own personal struggles along the way, she offers invaluable advice and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

Building a Brand from the Inside Out with CMO Tracy O’Brien

Join us as we talk to the CMO of Turner Mining Group about building a brand that appeals to both employees and customers. Find out how she strives to create a feeling of “One Team” and why it’s important to have a marketer at the table.

All Things Digital Marketing with Dan Eizans

Nothing was off the table in this interview with consultant, strategist and expert on all things digital marketing, Dan Eizans. He has a wealth of experience related to research, content strategy, CX and more, and we can’t wait for you to listen and hear his crazy amount of knowledge about things like contextual inquiries and information architecture.

Cutting Edge Strategies for Better CX with Emily Videtto

A CMO with a big vision to align product, brand and customer experience talks about the importance of a clear strategy. Emily Videtto, CMO of Pella Windows and Doors, makes big waves in a historical legacy brand, helping transform it into an innovative customer centric company.