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Growth Starts With Creating Demand For Your Brand

Industry expert, Tim Williams, explains how he took insights from his previous agency life to help leaders create demand for their brands and grow their business. And his advice is simple…focus your business, find your niche and then (the hardest part) say no to opportunities that do no serve that focus. From his days on Madison Avenue, to then leading independent agencies, to now consulting for hundreds of organizations across the globe, you’ll see why his advice is invaluable. You might know Tim’s work from his two books, Take a Stand for Your Brand and Positioning for Professionals. His ideas on revolutionizing the traditional business model have been the fodder of much industry discussion and debate about how to reshape a business. We hope you leave this interview with new ideas and refreshed vision to grow your business.

“The phrase ‘Best Practices,’ is like nails on a chalkboard to me


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About Tim Williams

Brand in Demand - Tim Williams Tim Williams’ mission is to help professional service firms escape the tyranny of an unfocused business model. As a globally-recognized expert in the areas of business and pricing strategy, Tim is a noted author, international speaker, and presenter for business organizations worldwide. Based on his expertise in positioning and pricing, Tim has been interviewed by news-gathering organizations including The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg News, The Guardian, Toronto Globe & Mail, Australian Financial Review and numerous business publications ranging from Europe to Asia.

Tim is the author of “Take a Stand for Your Brand” and “Positioning for Professionals” and has contributed articles to Advertising Age, Adweek, Campaign, Communication Arts and other leading marketing publications. He also writes for the popular blog “Propulsion” and has been named a LinkedIn Influencer. As a consultant to professional service firms, Tim has worked with hundreds of organizations ranging from mid-size independents to multinational networks and global holding companies. He began his career on Madison Avenue working for major multinational advertising agencies and later served as president and CEO of several independent firms. As the leader of Ignition Consulting Group, Tim now advises leaders and managers on positioning and pricing strategies. Learn more about Tim here and on LinkedIn.

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