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The Importance of Building a Brand for BOTH Employees and Customers

Bringing another unique twist, we have an in-house B2B marketer on the podcast today, Turner Mining Group CMO, Tracy O’Brien. Turner is only three years old, and yet is an up and coming powerhouse in their industry. Tracy is unique in that she is fully immersed in digital marketing, including the idea that one-to-one marketing is possible in a traditional sales and relationship style business like mining. And, while she may have started in the ski industry, she made the shift to mining to be closer to people and making the world a better place. While mining may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fields that make the world better, listen in to find out how Turner, and Tracy, are changing these old school stereotypes.

You grow the most when you’re the most unhappy or the most frustrated. The times where I felt so frustrated or so challenged by the nature of the work or a client or coworkers, is when I think I’ve grown the most.”


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About Tracy O’Brien

Tracy O’Brien - Building a BrandTracy is the Chief Marketing Officer of Turner Mining Group but has an extensive history in the marketing field. She has industry experience in everything from healthcare to financial services to outdoor recreation, and marketing experience in brand, content and product marketing. Prior to joining Turner, Tracy led marketing at Breckenridge Ski Resort where she oversaw multi-year digital campaigns focused on moving guests from awareness to repeat conversion. Tracy also worked for Monigle, a Denver based brand consultancy, where she was instrumental in building their brand story and values.

She says she “was immediately drawn to Turner Mining Group’s culture and the authentic story being woven around good quality humans.” Learn more about her online on LinkedIn. She holds an MBA from Indiana University and is a cyclist and ultra-marathon runner.

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