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How Personal Storytelling Can Help Business Leaders Make Connections

We have a guest that will take you on a journey with her approach to personal storytelling for business leaders. Esther Choy, author and President of Leadership Story Lab walks us through her methods, experiences and her book, Let the Story Do the Work. In her early career as an orientation staff advisor in higher education, she soon realized that applicants who told interesting stories about their life or their passions, with all the highs and lows, were the ones who were the most remembered.

She took this knowledge and made it shape not only her own life, but the lives and work of those she now trains and consults. After all, we all want to be the kind of leader who tells our story in a way that connects with other humans. Listen in and learn more about Esther’s insights.

“Save your best for never… Meaning, your best visual should never be in your deck


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About Esther Choy

Personal Storytelling for Leaders - Esther Choy Esther Choy is the President and Chief Story Facilitator at Leadership Story Lab, where she teaches storytelling to institutional and individual clients who are searching for more meaningful ways to connect with their audiences. Leaders, in turn, use their stories to communicate authentically, inspire others and create a lasting impact that they previously considered out of reach.  Since 2010, Esther has combined the science of persuasion and the art of storytelling to help her clients gain a competitive edge. 

Since launching Leadership Story Lab, Esther and her team have served clients such as, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, United Airlines, Tyson Foods, PwC, athenahealth, Brookfield Asset Management, US Cellular, and SC Johnson. She has helped them get promoted, excel in their jobs, and motivate their teams and customers through storytelling. To-date her investment-firm clients have raised over $5 billion in new assets under management. She has conducted an original research study of American first-generation wealth creators, their attitudes about net worth, and implications for major gifts fundraisers and the advisors who serve them. This research will be published in January, 2021.

Esther is the author of the book Let the Story Do the Work: The Art of Storytelling for Business Success, and her work can be seen regularly on,, and She is the host of her own podcast, Family IN Business, a podcast that features stories of leaders, their families, and the family enterprises they transformed. Family IN Business is sponsored by the Kellogg Center for for Family Enterprises.

An alumna of Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Texas A&M and University of California Santa Barbara, Esther holds both an MBA and an MS in Higher Education. She has taught at Northwestern Kellogg School of Management. 

She spent nearly half of her life in Hong Kong, the other half in the US, and has relatives on three continents. Her ideal day is one where she can help others grow, have deep and meaningful conversations, and enjoy a strong cup of coffee. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters. Learn more about her on the Leadership Story Lab site and LinkedIn
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