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Live a Life of Meaning as the Best Version of Yourself

In our first episode of season three, we start with one of life’s biggest conundrums: Creating a Life of Meaning. So, we’re looking back and looking forward with Jenné Fromm. While talking with her, it was clear that her unique point of view was uniquely suited to kick off this season. She tries to make sure that everyone is looking to give their best, not just the most. Because, let’s be honest, this year has felt incredibly overwhelming and many organizations and their people are taking on more and more, yet feeling less and less like they’re getting ahead.

Jenné has contributed to our AMIN network and partners with our Season 2 guest and fellow AMIN agency owner, Ali Mahaffey. Ali works with Jenné through a program called The Connected Manager Initiative. The idea being that connection, especially a strong one with leaders, creates a real level of engagement, retention and even business growth for our organizations. Listen in to see how Jenné uses her background in neuroscience study and storytelling mixed with her own personal struggles and moments of growth to help others create a life of meaning that is consistent with who they’re supposed to be. One thing’s for sure, Jenné is not afraid to tell it like it is.

The freedom to fail is only possible when you’re highly connected.”


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About Jenné Fromm

Jenne Fromm-Life of MeaningJenné is a consultant, coach, speaker and the founder of JenneInk and Awesôme Climbs. The latter is a personal development adventure that takes place on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. She uses her unique background and 20-years of experience coaching leaders, along with her irreverent sense of humor and love of discovery, to help others find insight and create a life consistent with who they are meant to be.

Jenné comes from a diverse background, having worked for the Susan G. Komen Foundation as a spokesperson, as well as for Barkley, as their VP of Potential. But no matter what her role is, she believes “there is no inspiration, no lesson, no life altering reward in playing safe. The best version of yourself, your team, your company awaits down the path of the unknown.” Find her online at her website, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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