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Anyone can tell you that maintaining work-life balance is hard. Rebecca Olson, life coach for hard-working moms, founder of Aligning Motherhood and Misty’s own life coach, talks Misty though her approach to achieving work-life integration instead. Listen in for tips for moms, dads, and everyone else on how to be 100 percent present in all that you do and prioritize the goals you feel are most important. Find out how Misty went from saying, “well, I don’t need that coaching thing, it’s not for me,” after seeing a display add, to being an advocate for having a coach and mentor to help you see outside your own point of view.

“If you want different results, it’s not about finding different actions.
It’s about finding different thoughts.”


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About Rebecca Olson

Rebecca is a life coach for working moms and founder of the coaching program, Aligning Motherhood. Through a unique combination of mindset, behavioral and researched techniques, she coaches working moms to achieve all their career goals without ever sacrificing their family.

She received her Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University in Theater Arts and is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Learn more about her and her philosophies at

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