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From entrepreneur and franchisee at just 17 years old to a VP of audience data, Prescott Shibles is the perfect hybrid of a heavy-industry B2B marketer mixed with an expert in paid media, technology and data. As EVP and GM of the Equipment Division at Randall-Reilly, he shares how his organization is helping companies “get predictive” about their customers. He talks about the power of account-based marketing, identifying customers who are ready-to-buy and dealing with present-day data challenges. Challenges like; benchmarking where you are and setting attributable targets by buyer sets. Even if you’re not a heavy-industry marketer, there’s something here to get you thinking.

Knowing what someone’s looking at or what they’re interested in is a much more powerful trigger than knowing who they are.”


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About Prescott Shibles

A Susquehanna University grad, Prescott got his start as an editor at, but quickly moved up and on to content and marketing director roles. He served as Chief Digital and Marketing Officer for Advantage Media and as CEO of Vital Business Media. He was recognized by Min on their Best of the Web and Digital Innovators lists.

He joined Randall-Reilly in 2014. As Executive Vice President of Audience Data, Shibles manages the team responsible for EDA and RigDig Business Intelligence, while overseeing Randall-Reilly’s corporate audience intelligence assets. His varied background makes him truly unique in the field and gives him a one of a kind perspective on marketing, data and predictive profiling. Learn more about him and Randall-Reilly at

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