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Portia, Vice President & Global Leader Strategic Marketing at Trane Technologies (Ingersoll Rand), talks about her greatest marketing successes and challenges, plus what insights about leadership she’s learned along the way.  

“Oh my gosh, it was epic. 
An epic failure.”

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About Portia Mount

Portia is Vice President and Global Leader of Strategic Marketing at Trane Technologies where she helps build and lead high-performance marketing teams across the enterprise. A veteran in the marketing field, she uses her expertise in digital marketing, social media and brand management to build passion not only for her company, but in the community as well.

She has spent over a decade as global marketing leader and member of the Center for Creative Leadership‘s executive team. Portia is a sought-after executive coach and speaks and writes frequently on women’s leadership issues. She’s been featured in TEDx, the New York Times, Human Capital Institute, the Conference Board and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Portia is co-author of “Kick Some Glass: Ten Ways Women Succeed at Work on Their Own Terms“, “Beating the Imposter Syndrome” and “Leadership Brand: Deliver on Your Promise.”

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