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Mandar is the Vice President of Marketing and Sales at The Knapheide Manufacturing Company in Quincy, IL. He shares what it’s like to be part of a tight-knit executive team, focused on evolving a brand that has sustained through six generations of family leadership.  

“If my boss hears this, you’re fired.”



About Mandar Dighe

Mandar may be the VP of Marketing and Sales, but he didn’t start out in the advertising field. He began his professional life as a mechanical engineer, before moving into management and then sales and marketing.

One thing that has stayed consistent throughout his career is his attention to detail. From designing and developing occupant restraint systems for General Motors, to leading international sales and marketing for Knapheide, Mandar has a proven track record for turning plans and strategies into winning actions.

Mandar and his wife are also proud sponsors of local arts, music and community events like the Q-Fest.

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