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Jeff is the Chief Experience Officer for Titan Machinery, but Simantel met him years ago through our relationship with Caterpillar. Discover his thoughts on customer experience principles and the challenges around CX implementation.  

“People get enamored with technology. It’s all about selling the technology, and you’ve totally lost sight of customer experience.”

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About Jeff Bowman

Jeff Bowman is a Stanford graduate and ex-U.S.-Army Intelligence officer who is now the Chief Experience Officer for Titan Machinery. His career has taken him through consultant work, to leadership roles that transform customer experience on a global scale.

He is passionate about bringing excellent customer experiences (CX) to business customers (B2B) and driving brand and demand growth, particularly through the power of digital. He is a regular guest speaker on the topic of Customer Experience as well as a seasoned guest writer for blogs and magazines in his field such as

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