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In the last episode of Season 2, we sit down with Ali Mahaffy, Co-CEO of Signal Theory and fellow agency member of the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN). Listen in as Ali talks about the rise of her career in a 50-year old agency, taking the reins with her business partner and then rebranding the agency to become more focused, more innovative and create happier employees. This brand focus helped Signal Theory emerge as an expert in food and animal health…but the story doesn’t stop at the rebrand. Ali continues to push the boundaries and hone in on consumer behavior using data science. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience building brands that resonate, on both the client side and the agency side, making her the perfect candidate to take on the role next year as AMIN Americas Board President. She is the kind of leader you just want to be around, and we’re sure you’ll find her as thoughtful, amazing and welcoming as we do. From thoughts on being a Co-CEO, to being a hard-working mom, to her upcoming role leading agencies around the world, Ali has a lot to share.

You have to stick to what you have experience in and continue to build your employees expertise around that, because that’s when we become so much more valuable.”


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About Ali Mahaffy

Ali Mahaffy has worked at some great agencies, as well as having spent time on the client side of the table. This, along with her other life experiences, gives her a great perspective on the pressures that both clients and employees experience. Ali plays a key role in fostering the unique professional and personal relationships Signal Theory builds with their clients. But as Co-CEO, she has also ensured that their brand is focused and their employees are some of the happiest around.

Ali has won numerous awards, including the 2020 Journey Awards, Advertising Professional of the Year. She will be taking the reins the President of AMIN Americas next year, a position previously held by Simantel’s owner Susie Ketterer. She’s a hard-working mom, a great leader and all-around nice person. And humble to boot.

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