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The Host Becomes the Guest

This episode is a fun one. We’re kicking off a season all about women leaders at heavy industry brands with an interview of the Marketing Sweats host herself, Misty Dykema. While she doesn’t technically work in a heavy industry, she’s spent nearly 20 years working side by side with industrial brands, partnering with them to help solve their marketing and business challenges.

Since the fierce female leaders out there are inspiring future generations, we couldn’t think of a better guest host than Misty’s 9-year-old daughter, Myah. Although she’s not sure if she’ll have her own podcast someday like her mom, (because she “can’t predict the future” like she says), Myah does a great job and asks some smart questions in this interview.

Misty talks about her early career experiences at Caterpillar working in the engineering and innovation division, and later mining. She also shares a little about the clients she’s worked with since joining the agency world, some of her favorite projects and people, and why she loves her work. Misty also discusses what it was like coming up in the business and things she’s learned about leadership along the way. Plus, she gives a sneak peek at some of the common themes she’s heard from this season’s guests and what surprised her most. Turns out many of the women she’s interviewed have shared similar experiences that influenced the way they lead, and get things done, simply because of being a woman amongst men.

We’re proud of Misty’s inspirational leadership that influences so many women within the walls of our agency and beyond. So we’re excited to share this episode with you—give it a listen and enjoy!


“We have built our entire business at Simantel around people who build the world and move it forward. Focusing on those customers and making sure that they are celebrated in our marketing work, it’s one of my favorite reasons to lead Simantel.”


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About Misty Dykema

Misty embodies what it means to be a fierce leader. She was recently named a 40 Leaders Under Forty and is an inspirational leader, strategist, consultant and coach. As the principal and co-owner of Simantel, she leads more than 130 employees across 20 states. Misty is also passionate about both personal and professional development and inspiring other leaders. She started her own a coaching, consulting and training organization called The Misty Effect, which focuses on helping those who want more out of life and work. She developed The All of You program through years of experience working with developing leaders across many different industries. Misty’s not afraid to share her own story – both her successes and failures – and encourages others to do the same.

As a Forbes Business Council Member and Fast Co. Board Member, she is also an industry thought leader. She regularly contributes content that demonstrates her humble, inclusive and supportive leadership style that motivates people to realize their own full potential. Her desire to continuously improve herself and others around her is an inspiration. When she’s not developing leaders or building marketing campaigns – she’s usually out for a long run, deep in the weeds working on a book project or thinking about who to interview on the podcast next.

In addition, she is also an ardent member of Imago Dei church, a founding member of the The Leader’s Life forum, a global board advisor to The Advertising and Marketing Independent Network, an active contributor to The American Red Cross, and a continued advisor to Bradley’s EMBA program. For more, follow Misty on LinkedIn.


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