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Connecting with People to Fuel Growth

We’re joined by Katie McCord Jenkins, president and chairperson of Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company. With 110 years in the industry and five generations of McCord family leadership, Illinois Mutual has grown to be a respected company in the insurance industry — serving 47 states. Katie started her career with the Company in marketing and sales and has now been with Illinois Mutual for 25 years. Even if you’re not in the insurance industry, there’s something in this episode for all marketers and leaders.

Katie is a businesswoman, a working mom, a philanthropist and above all, a compassionate leader who is committed to focusing on people and addressing them in a human and emotional way. This can easily be seen by the success the company has had and the waves she has made to modernize this legacy company — including how they bounced back from their worst year ever in 2010 and how she continues to lead with heart throughout the global pandemic. You’ll see how Katie truly lives and loves the brand, all the way back to “playing insurance” with her siblings at a young age while visiting their grandparents. She brings warmth and passion to the industry and works to ensure that the true focus remains on the people. Something all of us can learn from.

“Great leadership starts with first having a passion for the purpose and a passion for the people.


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About Katie McCord Jenkins

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Katie is president and chairperson of Illinois Mutual Life Insurance Company, where they create insurance products that help people achieve and safeguard their financial security. In her role, she oversees strategy, financial strength and operating performance.

As the fifth generation in her family to lead the Company, Katie has a passion and deep commitment to the Company’s mission and promise to policy owners. Under her leadership, the Company has attained its strongest ever capital position with a renewed strategy focused on customer insights, product development and technology transformation enabling it to adapt to dynamic business needs better than ever. But that’s not all Katie has a passion for. With a strong commitment to her community, Katie was awarded Philanthropists of the Year in 2018 by United Way in Central Illinois. Learn more about Katie and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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