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Using Your Gifts to Serve Your Community

Dr. Keith Knepp, President of Carle Health Greater Peoria is as passionate about his community as he is health care. In this episode he shares his career journey to becoming the leader of a health system serving the area where he grew up. But for Keith, it’s about more than health care. It’s about making a difference and seeing the impact of giving back.

Dr. Knepp believes leadership responsibilities extend beyond the organization and into the community—to do something bigger—together. As a founding member of the Greater Peoria Leadership Council, Keith has played a critical role in bringing the leaders of organizations across the community together to collaborate and steer key strategic initiatives for the greater good of our region.

One element of that is the depth and breadth of services available from our health systems. In this episode, you’ll hear about the variety of services Carle Health Greater Peoria provides as well as the important role Methodist College plays in training healthcare professionals and retaining them in our region.

Health care is an incredibly important asset to the Peoria area. In fact, more people are employed in health care than any other industry. But its strength is dependent on the strength of the community as a whole. Hear why Dr. Knepp calls Greater Peoria the “goldilocks” of regions and how the Choose Greater Peoria movement is helping reinforce the belief that Peoria is “just right.”

“Our health care systems only survive and thrive based on the strength of the underlying community.”


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About Dr. Keith Knepp

Dr. Keith Knepp is President of Carle Health Greater Peoria. He began his clinical career as a physician in Eureka, Illinois in 2000 before joining Methodist Medical Center as a faculty member of the Family Medicine Residency Program in 2007. He then served as Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, before moving into his current position.

Dr. Knepp received his undergraduate degree from Illinois State University and completed medical school at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Peoria. In 2016 he received his Certified Physician Executive certification from the American Association for Physician Leadership, and in 2019 completed his Master of Business Administration through the University of Massachusetts. He is board certified in Family Medicine and Clinical Informatics.

Dr. Knepp has served in various leadership positions, including Medical Staff President of Methodist Medical Center and Eureka Community Hospital. He has also served on many nonprofit boards including Easterseals, the Heart of Illinois United Way, Art Inc. and the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Keith and his wife, Casey, live in Peoria with their four children, Emily, Ross, Grant and Galen. Connect with Keith on LinkedIn.

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