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Dave Lucas is an experienced digital marketer who has worked on both agency side and client side, leading large-scale technology change talks to Misty about how, with a recent career shift, he’s leveraging his marketing background to take on his latest endeavor – starting his own company.

“I was told my services were no longer needed,
surprisingly. At the time, I did not see that coming.”

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About Dave Lucas

Dave Lucas is a marketing executive with over 30 years experience from both the client side and agency side of the conference table. He loves a good adventure, and his most recent one is the challenge of entrepreneurship, having recently started up Lucas Partnering.

He actually started his career as a sportscaster and producer on television, transitioning to the communications field as a Communications Manager at Caterpillar, Inc. After leaving for the agency world at Simantel, Dave eventually returned to Caterpillar in 2004, where he worked his way up to Global Digital Marketing Manager. With over 20 years experience at Caterpillar alone, Dave is an expert in both marketing and leadership.

He is currently a board member of the Peoria Innovation Alliance.

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