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Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome

Tackling a new challenge can be both thrilling and daunting. When Jane Olson, started at Simantel in December 2020 she brought a wealth of experience with her across a range of marketing disciplines. As a logical, linear thinker who knew how to think through workflows, she was initially hired as an Associate Digital Experience Strategist. Jane was just starting to get her feet wet with client work when she was approached by leadership with an opportunity to shift gears and become a Marketing Automation Consultant for a new account that had just been onboarded. Rarely backing down from a work-related challenge or the opportunity to learn, she said yes.

While being a newbie at Simantel gave her a severe case of imposter syndrome, she knew she had the skills to step into this new role—and kill it. But first she’d have to learn, get certified and become extremely proficient in Eloqua. While she had worked with multiple marketing automation platforms in the past, Eloqua wasn’t one of them. And the platform is its own beast. Being a new account meant there was a lot of space to create documentation and resources her own way. What she didn’t know at the time was that it would be a wide-open space. She’d be starting from scratch.

In this interview you’ll hear how Jane worked collaboratively with the client and dug in to get the account off the ground and running like a well-oiled machine. She also shares her philosophy of living in the moment and what she’s learned about how to thrive in Simantel’s culture.


“I just kind of sat there thinking, ‘I gotta do it.’ They wouldn’t have put this in front of me if they didn’t think I could handle it. So, I said yes.”


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About Jane Olson

Jane came to Simantel in 2020 with years of experience in the marketing automation world as a Marketing Automation Consultant. She quickly became certified in Oracle Eloqua, which was a new-to-her platform that she now uses regularly to support our clients. Jane plays a unique and pivotal role for for our client Cisco, where she gets to collaborate directly with the client, forge a new path from scratch and tackle new challenges along the way. She is also a member of Simantel’s DEI committee and an avid participant in the volunteer opportunities organized by the Simantel team.

Outside of work, Jane enjoys a good road trip or trivia night, cheering on the Cubs and creating her own Lego city. She frequently finds herself refereeing bouts between her scrappy 11 pound cat, Chester, and her over-exuberant, muscular 50 pound dog, Zoey. Connect with Jane on LinkedIn.

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