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How a Natural Disaster Brought a Greater Purpose to the Work

Jason Brown joined Simantel after 10 years of experience working for market research firms in Chicago. His role was unique then, because it was one of the first times that Simantel had a dedicated researcher charged with bringing that discipline in-house. While he excels at designing studies and questionnaires and really gets the number side, more importantly, he is also creative and a storyteller. He’s the perfect mix of right brain and left brain, understanding how to look at data and turn it into insights that are usable to marketers. This led Jason to evolve his role into a marketing analytics role as well. And he quickly found a supportive community at Simantel and learned that his coworkers are more than just that – they’re family.

In this episode, Jason tells us the story of his first real immersive research experience at Simantel only a year in. He talks about how a natural disaster in Central Illinois really put the work into perspective and showed him that something special happens when we step up as a community and care about each other as friends – even as life happens. 

You see, he was working on the research needed to create an identity for a joint venture for one of our clients, Knapheide. He was just about to embark on an immersive qualitative study where he’d travel around and interview commercial dealers and distributors to talk deeply about their experience. Just then, a tornado ripped through Central Illinois destroying a town, including the homes of fellow Simantelites. 

This is the moment that Jason experienced first-hand the gravitational pull of a dynamic culture and the emotional connection that happens to a brand when you build a community. What started as a research project turned into much more than he ever expected. And Jason will be the first to tell you that while data driven decisions are important, building relationship are just as – if not more – important to the work we do every day.


“The idea of a work family is probably overused. I truly don’t think there’s a place that I’ve worked before or that I’ve seen a culture where it is more true and more fitting. The way people rally around each other, it’s second to none.”


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About Jason Brown

Jason came to Simantel in 2012 as a research manager. He held multiple roles on the strategic team before moving up the ranks to his current position of Insights Director. He brings 19 years of experience in marketing research, insights, measurement and analytics to his current role, where he focuses on insight gathering and data-driven decision making to find answers for our clients.

Jason graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in communication studies with an emphasis in anthropology. He likes to wear purple on Fridays in the Fall, and wears the same Northwestern Wildcats t-shirt while watching their football games during a winning streak (then purposely switches it out after a loss). Outside of work, Jason loves to get outdoors and spend time with his wife, Alisha, and their three kids – Brennan, Grace and Lilah. Connect with Jason on LinkedIn.

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