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Creating a Rap Video About Dozer Pride

Director of Experience Strategy, Sara Ingles has been drumming up creative solutions for Simantel for the past 12 years. One of her favorite parts of her job is when she’s given certain parameters and can push them – challenging the status quo just enough to come up with something great. And that’s exactly what she did six and a half years ago when she served as the creative director on one of our Caterpillar client’s new product launches.

Sara is equal parts a creative, strategic and empathetic thinker. This gives her the unique ability to put herself in the customer’s shoes and visualize what they might need to see based on the ways they behave and perceive the world. It’s also what makes her such an amazing leader to her team and a valuable asset to her clients.

In this interview, Misty and Sara talk about one of the first times Sara was given full control of creative concepting for one of her clients. She talks about her desire to take the parameters she was given and push them little by little – to challenge the status quo and turn the proverbial “box” into an octagon. When she and one of her colleagues came up with the idea of a rap video to promote the new product, they knew in their hearts it could be big. But they also knew it wouldn’t be the easiest sell to their client, who typically took a more reserved approach.

Learn about how Sara ideated, got others on board, and then helped execute the Dozer Pride rap video for Caterpillar back in 2015 – and how the video then went viral. To this day, the video is still getting engagement from its devoted audience, teaching us that sometimes, finding the bravery to get out of your comfort zone and challenge the status quo is when the real magic happens. We hope you enjoy another special episode from this very special season celebrating Simantel’s 40(ish) anniversary.

“The piece that I love…is what people are saying. The fact that the comments are tagging a friend and saying, “This is us on the job site,”…or, “Oh man, that’s my husband!” Those are the pieces that I get excited about because I brought people together. I gave them a space to feel like they belonged and that they could share that with others. And that’s exciting that we were able to do that.”


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About Sara Ingles

Sara came to Simantel in 2010 as a design intern and, after coming on-board full-time, made her way over to the strategy team where she now serves as our Director of Experience Strategy. She has over 10 years of marketing experience, including roles as a graphic designer and senior art director. In her current role, Sara focuses on marrying the message and story with the right channels where content will live. She is the voice of the client and delivers the roadmap for a better customer experience.

Sara’s creative fingerprints are all over many award-winning projects, including a MarCom Award for Simantel’s digital holiday card — which brought home the gold. She has helped raise awareness for organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Outside of Simantel, Sara is a dedicated fan of Formula 1 racing and the Manchester City F.C. She loves knitting, crocheting and quilting just as much as she loves crushin’ personal records on her trusty Peloton. And she will not fly without being accompanied by a bag of Jelly Bellies. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn.

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