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The New Age of Working

Let’s be honest. The practice of staffing virtually — or “offshoring,” as some people call it — can be a sensitive topic. But also, a timely one. In this Covid era, where remote work has been so normalized, many companies and leaders are left trying to figure out work-from-home and hybrid models. Jeff Hunter left the corporate world to start his own business called VA Staffers, where he helps businesses leverage virtual teams. Jeff started some remote work himself back in 2012 or so, which was very progressive at the time. So, we wanted to talk to an expert first-hand on the podcast.

Not only does Jeff provide virtual staffing, but he is very knowledgeable on marketing tactics like lead generation, content strategy, social media and outbound marketing. He’s smart, energetic and is a tell-it-like-it-is kinda guy. We hope you enjoy this episode.

“I think number one (with remote employees) is you’re not tied down to just the talent in your area.”


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About Jeff Hunter

Building Virtual Teams with Jeff Hunter

With a background in IT, Jeff is a self-proclaimed “computer geek” who left the corporate world to start up his own company, VA Staffers. His company specializes in lead generation, contact database management, inbound marketing, SEO, web design and marketing automation. In addition, Jeff has a real passion for personal branding and is knowledgeable in works in today’s new age. You can also find Jeff in a few places – look him up at, tune into his podcast The Savage Marketer or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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