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Directing Caterpillar’s Technician Recruitment Campaign

Creative Director, Jake Beyhl is a natural storyteller who puts his whole heart into his work. Although he’s learned to dial back his intensity a bit, he’s as passionate as ever and loves to push the envelope to find new ways to stand out. But authenticity is important. Jake’s not about marketing just for the sake of marketing. The more something looks like advertising, the less effective it will be. It has to be real. And it doesn’t get any more real than Mike Rowe. That’s why directing Caterpillar’s 2013 Dealer Technician Recruitment campaign is Jake’s Point of Pride.

It all began when our long time Caterpillar client asked us to help change how people view hard work and recruit technicians to maintain the machines that build our world. The goal was to show moms talking to their kids about their future, high school students, mid-workforce techs looking for a career change and people coming out of the military that they don’t have to go to college and spend thousands of dollars on tuition to be successful. You can make good money in the skilled trades.

Jake and his crew traveled all over the United States to profile the best of the best technicians out there for Caterpillar. They captured real stories of real people; authenticity at its best. And Mike Rowe was the perfect person to help tell their stores. He was already a skilled trade advocate and one of the most genuine influencers out there. He created his mikeroweWORKS Foundation and was working with big brands to help promote it. So it was a natural fit.

Listen to the episode to hear how it all went down and what made the experience such a memorable one. You’ll also learn what Jake’s up to now and you don’t want to miss his words of wisdom for how to be successful in the space.

“I struggle with going through the motions and just coming up with ideas. Marketing to market really unsettles me. It kind of burns me up a little bit.”


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Bonus Clip: Jake Narrates His Story

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About Jake Beyhl

Jake brings over 20 years of creative marketing experience to his role as Simantel’s Creative Director. He joined the agency in 2008 as a Senior Art Director and quickly was promoted to an Associate Creative Director, then Creative Director.

Jake has contributed to many high-profile and award-winning projects, including work with Mike Rowe for Cat Dealer Technician Recruitment. He’s traveled the world on many other video shoots and stayed right here to impact many community projects in Peoria, such as Peoria Don’t Shoot, Build the Block and Easterseals. Along with our Executive Creative Director, he oversees creative team members and provides insights for both strategic concept development and creative execution for all channels and assures quality across the agency.

When he isn’t busy churning out creative genius at Simantel, you can find Jake spending time with his wife and four children or hanging out at live shows or music festivals. He also enjoys strummin’ his own guitar and singing some karaoke. Connect with Jake on LinkedIn.

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