Marketing Sweats by Simantel

Marketing Sweats is a podcast focused on hardworking professionals in marketing, technology and customer experience. From adrenaline-producing deadlines to keep-you-up-at-night launches, get a first-hand account of what it’s like to be a high-level marketing executive making big-time decisions. Listeners will hear the heart, soul and, yes, sweat marketing pros and business leaders pour into getting the job done right.

Why Are We Doing It?

Born out of a sheer curiosity and a passion for learning & growth, Marketing Sweats is more than a podcast. We’re here to build a community of other marketers seeking to have meaningful conversations – and learn from others – ultimately helping all of us grow personally & professionally. The show is intended to:


Provide educational content for learners that want to grow; identifying issues that impact all of our success.


Build a community, of engaged listeners, ultimately growing the networks of those that share and those that listen – to fuel more powerful connections.


Uncover and seek out personal stories, so we get to know each other as people – and ultimately build a new, shared story – together

Season Overview

So far, we have four seasons to check out and we don’t plan to stop there. Each season of marketing sweats has taken a unique twist. Check out the episodes to see where we’ve been and who we’ve interviewed so far.

Marketing Sweats Season 1
Focused on brand marketers – their successes, failures and secrets to success.
  • Mike Rowe: Authenticity in Marketing
  • Jessica Nunley: Global Marketing
  • Mandar Dighe: Brand Evolution
  • Portia Mount: Marketing, Leadership & Life
  • Jeff Bowman: Customer Experience
  • Dave Lucas: Leaving a Legacy
  • Andy Montgomery: Brand Integration
Marketing Sweats Season 2
Focused on industry leaders and coaches – talking about purpose, potential and possibilities.
  • Scott Vaughan: Marketing Orchestration
  • Bruce Biegel: Growth Planning
  • Rishad Tobaccowala: The Soul of Business
  • Nicole Ertas: Brand Love
  • David Mead: Five Leadership Principles
  • Jonathan Raymond: Good Authority
  • Rebecca Olson: Work-Life Integration
  • Prescott Shibles: Data Science & AI
  • Ali Mahaffy: Rebranding a Branding Agency
Marketing Sweats Season 3
Focused on a mix of leaders – providing new perspectives on how to move forward.
  • Jenné Fromm: Creating a Life of Meaning
  • Jack Klues: Leading with Integrity
  • Tracy O’Brien: Building a Brand from the Inside Out
  • Dan Eizans: All Things Digital Marketing
  • Chris Kneeland: The Mystery of the Cult Brand
  • Esther Choy: Storytelling for Leaders
  • Tim Williams: Become a Brand in Demand
  • Emily Videtto: Cutting Edge CX Strategies
  • Daniel Stillman: The Power of Conversation Design
Marketing Sweats Season 4
Focused on a mix of leaders and marketers – sharing small pushes that make a lasting impact.
  • Maggie Whalen Misslehorn: Life of an Agency Owner and What’s Next
  • Bob Hoffman: Against the Grain
  • Katie McCord Jenkins: Purpose, Passion and People
  • Kim Blickenstaff: Building a Legacy
  • George Taylor: From the Board Room to the Rodeo
  • Tim Van Hoof: The Evolution from Branding to CX
  • Jeff Hunter: Building Virtual Teams
  • Rick Robinson: Think Outdoors
  • Joshua Gunn: Marketing and Branding a City
  • Bryan Wish and Rich Keller: The Journey of Personal Branding
  • Erin Bowald: Creating Better Customer Experience for B2B Brands
Marketing Sweats Season 5
Focused on a mix of leaders, coaches and consultants – collaborating to drive systemic change.
  • Kathryn Spitznagle: Personal and Professional Development
  • Jennifer Junis: The Evolution of Digital Healthcare
  • Shannyn Lee: Rethinking the Pitch Process
  • Kim Blickenstaff: Building a Legacy
  • Dr. Rita Ali: Evolving the Brand of a City
  • Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey: Community, Connection & Collaboration
  • Peter Docker: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders
  • Brian Kessman: Positioning Strategy & Organizational Design
  • Tony Fuller: B2B Sales and the Customer Experience
  • Diana Lucaci: Using Brain Science for Business
  • Brent Hodgins: Bringing Rigor to Business Development

So what do we have in store for Season 6?
In celebration of Simantel’s 40(ish) anniversary, employees are sharing their Point of Pride – stories about work they’ve been a part of that makes them proud.  


Audience and Reach

With an intense focus on reaching marketers – we’re finding we’re “showing up” within the circles that really matter. As Simantel sponsors bigger names and supports their cause(s) – we are seeing exponential growth – and we’re anxious for what’s to come:

  • 12.1k downloads to date
  • Average 150% week-over-week growth
  • 1.3 million Facebook impressions
  • 36 brand-marketer and influencer discussions
  • $50K+ planned media expenditure
  • Influencer & social outreach underway


Simantel’s Marketing Sweats podcast is a fantastic way to get inside the minds of successful marketing and business professionals. Host Misty Dykema draws from her deep knowledge of both the agency and business sides of marketing, as well as years of leadership experience, to ask incisive questions—not just about processes and outcomes, but also what shaped the thinking and journey of her guests. As a result, what they share goes deeper than the average podcast interview.

In her engaging style, Misty demonstrates an understanding of each guest’s background and business, as well as the ability to quickly connect dots, for example between a guest’s insight and a marketing trend. Listeners can count on learning something new from these conversations, while also being entertained. I always come away from listening to Marketing Sweats feeling it was time well spent. I wouldn’t miss an episode!

 – Susan Reising, Communication Consultant

Now I know why it’s called Marketing Sweats, this was like a therapy session. Thanks for breaking down where B2B is headed.“

 – Scott Vaughan, Season 2 Guest

About the Host

Misty Dykema

As the co-owner and principal of the marketing firm Simantel, Misty Dykema has worked for more than 16 years helping organizations solve business and marketing problems.

As a certified workshop facilitator and strategy lead, Misty’s true passion is guiding executive teams through alignment workshops. It is through her love of understanding others’ passions & ideas, that her desire for more 1:1 dialogue with thought-leaders emerged.

Misty has experience in both B2B and B2C industries, including manufacturing, energy, logistics, agriculture, higher education and finance, and she takes a unique perspective on marketing topics such as branding, communication and martech. Misty’s also a coach, supporting her alma mater, Bradley University in teaching, and board capacity for the Executive MBA program, and serves on the Americas Board of the Advertising and Marketing Independent Network (AMIN).

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